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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We worked with Samra for six months to buy a property in "Downeast" Maine. We had a steep learning curve to get up-to-speed on the properties, process and services associated with buying a place in Maine. From day one Samra was an extremely knowledgeable and hard-working guide as we visited multiple properties and made several offers. She helped us negotiate and handle several ups and downs and worked diligently to make sure all aspects of the purchasing process came together for a successful conclusion! We strongly recommend Samra and would gladly work with her again!!!

Great job promoting our property! After consulting with us to understand unique details, she worked hard to advertise it using various media. She always updated us with current information regarding the sale of our home and was thoughtful and considerate throughout the whole process.

We really can't compliment Samra enough. Our experience with her was excellent, from our first contact through the internet, to long after our closing and move. Her constant and timely communications were the best we have had from any realtor, and we've moved many times. She's professional and very easy to work with. We looked at homes in Jan., with snowy weather and bad roads. There was never a problem setting up appointments and seeing all that we wanted to. She was on top of every detail during our purchase, inspections, and closing. It wasn't an easy time, due to restrictions and concerns caused by the pandemic, but Samra guided us through everything. We would highly recommend her and if we ever decide to move again, would definitely have her list our home.

Now that everything has been finalized to everyone's satisfaction, I thought I should send you a letter to thank you for the masterful job you did in helping me sell my property in Sedgwick.  I'm amazed at the ease with which everything was accomplished, and I already have received the funds posted to my Bank account.  

Jill, I couldn't have asked for a better job than what you did on my behalf.  Indeed, you accomplished everything with alacrity, and as painless as possible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to any future clients. 

I didn't know Samra before we decided to sell our house but she was introduced by her former associate when I decided I wanted his firm to sell our house. When Samra came it was like a breath of fresh air. Other agents had looked at our house, made some recommendations and then left. Samra came and took notes! Yes, I know, who would have thought. She asked questions. Even more remarkable. It all seems so obvious but those extra steps make all the difference. She showed a real interest in us and our plans for selling. Well in short time she did sell the house and then the real work began. She took us through a difficult closing and made it all work extremely well. She met with us every time we asked, she made the extra efforts that made it all happen. Thanks for the great work, Samra. I would recommend her in an instant.

We contacted Samra and spoke of our interest to move back to Maine from out of state. She was very helpful from the start. Samra asked the right questions to understand what type of home we were looking for and where. When we were ready she arranged multiple showings. We found one we liked that turned out to be quite a challenge. She worked with us and solved many issues of purchasing the home. She spent a lot of her personal and vacation time to put the purchase together. We now live in Maine in a home that is exactly what we wanted. Thank you Samra for all you do.

We live in Alabama and have been wanting to purchase a vacation home in Maine for many years. We looked at many reviews of agents in the area and the reviews for Samra were all excellent. Samra seemed like the agent we wanted to represent us. She was the agent that everybody hopes to have when making this big of a decision and she did not disappoint. She was very personable and always very quick to respond to any questions we had. I had some concern about trying to handle all of this long distance but Samra went above and beyond her call of duty making sure everything ran smoothly and keeping us informed daily. She is a true professional and takes pride in what she does.

Dear Kim and Rona,

Everything you do or recommend is superb!  Thank you once again for accomplishing what had been the impossible.

Dear Kim and Rona,

Everything you do or recommend is superb! Thank you once again for accomplishing what had been the impossible.

The prospect of selling our house in rural Maine was stressful...we needed to relocate long before the sale would be complete, we had been told by neighbors that it might take years, and the winter was approaching.  Throughout all of it, Samra was our ally and advocate in addition to being a wildly capable broker.  She watched over things, called the plumber when a pipe froze in January, and made lots of important recommendations about how best to prepare our place for showings.  Every time a potential buyer looked but did not act, she helped us to understand why...what they liked or did not like. Gradually we trimmed the sails and, thanks to Samra's initiative, documented the house all over again from head to toe.  She put every tool to use, found the right buyer, and concluded our process on a high note. Samra's professionalism is simply impeccable, and her track record speaks for itself.  She worked with us through thick and thin as a creative and tireless collaborator.

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